A local’s Colorado Trail Race

Jeff Kerkove and Sonya Looney pedal during the 2010 Claro Brasil Ride. Sonya's on another epic ride this week -- the Colorado Trail Race. Courtesy photo.

Sonya Looney, one of my favorite pro mountain bikers around these parts because of her wonderfully wacky sense of humor, started the Colorado Trail Race yesterday. Before taking off on the 470-mile self-supported race at altitude, she wrote about it here. And she sent out the following links for anyone who wants to follow her journey:

Live Tracking with everyone (Leaderboard):  http://www.trackleaders.com/ctr
MTB Cast news and callins: http://mtbcast.com/site2/   I will try to call in once or twice
Bikepacking forum with real time race discussion http://www.bikepacking.net/forum/index.php/board,2.0.html
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