Summer ski fashion problem

Tele goes Hawaiian at Loveland during the Corn Harvest, a spring-skiing benefit for CAIC. Photo courtesy Loveland Ski Area.

Ever since I decided to go skiing on Friday to check out A-Basin’s last weekend for the season, I’ve had a fashion quandary.

What does one wear to go skiing in July?

The last time I went skiing this season was in early April, on the last day at Eldora. It cold and windy. The latest I’ve ever skied is May…in powder. Neither experience was a good guages for conditions this weekend.

I happened to be in Zermatt, on the Klein-Matterhorn lift, for the first day of summer skiing a few years ago — not to ski, but to climb the Breithorn. The skiers on board were dressed for normal winter conditions, just like I was for my climb. Again, no wardrobe help there.

So I turned to Google, where I discovered photos of women skiing in bikinis.

Actually, there were only two photos of a woman skiing in a bikini. In the others, the women were posing with skis, not actually skiing. I’m pretty sure this is because it would really, really, really hurt to fall on crappy summer snow while wearing a bikini. The thought of snow-rash down my thighs makes me want my mommy.

To save yourself from snow-rash, you could ski like this in a bikini — snowplowing all the way down the hill probably tones your legs for bikini season anyhoo, right? But it doesn’t look fun. At all.

A good alternative seems to be to go Hawaiian. Like the guy in the board shorts at this blog. So I think I’ll dig up a Hawaiian shirt and a sunhat and, as one friend recommended, zip-off softshell pants (even though I’m pretty sure such a ludicrous technical garment does not exist).



Since I posted this, a friend of mine forwarded this link to me. It’s for Rab’s zip-off softshell pants.

So this ludicrous technical garment does indeed exist. I will not be buying a pair. That is all.

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