Opening day at Valmont Bike Park

Jason Stella, of Denver, whips around a wall ride on Saturday, June 11, at the new Valmont Bike Park in Boulder. For more photos and a video of the bike park's opening day go to Jeremy Papasso/ Camera

…was rad. Do you need to know anything else (if you weren’t there yourself)?

Of course you do. The hub and I pedaled all the trails (multiple times — they’re short) and sprinted up the 5280′ run-up (perfectly spaced for sprinting whilst shouldering a bicycle). We watched the looney birds on mountain bikes and 20s fly off of jumps and ramps and whatnot.

I love those crazy birds. They dare to do what I fear and lack the experience to attempt.

It helps that they know how to fly AND land. That’s key.

But even cooler than those flying bikers were the tots riding the park. So I wrote about them in my column today. They’re the next generation. And they’re gonna be totally sick, as long as their families keep bringing them back to the park.

In the meantime, if you haven’t been out there yet, go ride it asap! It’s tons of fun, and it’s free. It might even make me buy one of these (I like the purple rims)

(My husband pointed out that this is a freestyle bike, not a dirt-jumping bike. He missed the part where I liked it because of the purple.)

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