On the road: “23 Feet” coming to Boulder

The Airstream trailer is the star of today’s Field Notes.

It’s also the star of “23 Feet,” a film that’s coming to Boulder Friday night…along with the Airstream it was filmed from.

Filmmaker Allie Bombach made a flick about living out of your vehicle, and she lived in a 23-foot long 1970 Airstream while she made it. She’s still living out of it — and she’s showing the film on tour by parking the Airstream somewhere, pulling down a screen on the awning and projecting her film right there on her 23 feet of home sweet home.

Allie and the Airstream will park in front of the Boulder Rock Club Friday night at 7 p.m. Bring your Crazy Creek chair, yoga mat or whatever you want to sit on to see this free show.

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