Getting the grrr back

Me attempting Bloody Flapper, a V4 at Hueco Tanks that for me, required a lot of grrr.

Since today’s Field Notes is about getting the grrr back, it seemed appropriate to get the blog back today, too.

Whoops. Yeah, took some time off here. Hi!

But back to the grrr:

Grrr, n.: motivation to go after it (“it” being any sport/endeavor) ravenously enough that grunts, yelps and/or growls (grrr!) fly out of your mouth.

After three viruses in the past month, I’m feeling weak and lacking grrr. But after I interviewed climber Emily Harrington last week (for this story about the Sport Climbing Series National Championships, which are in Boulder this Friday and Saturday), I realized it was a little foolish to let my motivation to climb be so closely tied to whether I’m feeling strong. There’s more to climbing than strength.

Emily: “You can be as strong as a bodybuilder and you still won’t be able to climb 5.12 if you don’t know how.”

Comforting words for a thrice-plagued gal.


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