Last day to buy College X Pass

The College X Pass — which provides two days of skiing at any of Aspen’s four mountains for $78 during the 2011 Winter X Games (students only) — makes it possible to ski bum-slash-dirtbag it in Aspen this weekend. But today’s the last day to buy!

Buy today, bum tomorrow. Er, Friday.

You may be skeptical about eeking out a dirtbag-esque existence in Aspen for a weekend. But it can be done.

First, acquire a van with a space heater (you should have this already, but whatevs).

Second, load it with friends to share the cost of filling up your gas hog.

Third, “borrow” animal crackers from your roommate before leaving Boulder. Once in Aspen, feed yourself ramen via City Market. If you’re an indulgent dirtbagger, stop in Johnny’s McGuire’s for a sandwich.

Fourth, ski/ride hard all weekend, plus watch some X Games action.

Fifth, cruise back to Boulder on fumes — it’s downhill.

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