Winter Bike to Work Day

John Schwenker, 52, rides his bike to work in the snow. He rides to an event on Sunday with snow and 5 degree-temperature. Cliff Grassmick/ December 14, 2008

Registration is now open for Boulder’s Winter Bike to Work Day, which is January 19.

Today isn’t the best day to be thinking about riding your bike to work in the winter. The roads aren’t very clear. It’s freaking cold. Your dog licked your bike’s frame and his poor little tongue stuck (Rover’s OK, you brought him and the bike inside to thaw out and gave him his favorite treat.)

But on the average winter day in Boulder, a bike commute isn’t a bad idea. The bike lanes sometimes seem to be cleared faster than the roads. And a little morning sunshine goes a long way to warming you up…so does coffee or along the way, which sponsors (like Moe’s Bagels and the Dushanbe Tea House) give out to cyclists on Bike to Work Day.

Think about it, and register. You know you wanna do it.

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