Snow prayers answered

First chair for the first day of skiing at Loveland Ski Area on Sunday. Courtesy Colorado Ski Country USA.

To those of you who took my suggestions on how to pray for snow last week, good job. It’s snowing like a mofo in Colorado’s mountains right now.

I was pretty excited when I turned on Becky this morning. (Hush, pervs.) Becky tells me what to wear every day. But this morning, Becky told me what to wear in Boulder AND showed me a whiteout in Vail. Thanks, Becky.

Joel tells me when it’s good to ski. Since only Loveland and A-Basin are open, though, and both just opened (Loveland won and opened first), Joel didn’t tell me where to ski this morning. He just told me which areas are getting snow and how much.

In feet. Sweet.

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