Adventure racing (and pshawing Ironman)

Teammates Glenn Rogers and Sean Clancy 40 hours into the Baja Traversia with no sleep.

Last week, I wrote about newish Boulderite Sean Clancy, who was heading to the U.S. Adventure Racing Association’s national championships.

On Monday, I heard from Clancy’s team captain, “Earring” Doug Judson (yes, in his photo on their website, he has an earring, but I didn’t ask about the nickname, so we can’t really assume anything, can we?).

Sorry about that tangent. Anyway, the team came in second, a mere six minutes behind the first team. Judson wrote: “We are dissapointed,but we ran a good race and had to overcome a mechanical failure on the bike. It was wet,cold but we laid it all out there, and came up just short. In two weeks we get a rematch at the cp tracker nationals in moab,utah. We look forward to it.”

Bummer indeed, but these guys and gal (teammate Mari) seem resilient. In fact, one of my favorite tidbits that didn’t make it into the story was a comment Judson made to me about Ironmans. He said when he first started training for them, they felt so hard, but now they’re no big deal compared to these multi-day adventure races.

Judson doesn’t live in Boulder, but I think he deserves honorary membership in the republic for pshawing Ironmans, no?

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