Your first ‘cross race

Been too scrrrd to try racing cyclocross? It’s scary. That’s why I put together these five tips for getting ready for your first race.

And PS: If you need to find a skills clinic around here, look no further than your favorite bike shop. If they don’t have one soon, Boulder Cycle Sport does free clinics every Wednesday.

One more thing about doing your first race: You’re lucky to do it here. Yes, we have a bazillion super-fast racers here, not even including the pros. But because we have a bazillion cyclists, there will be a bazillion people in your race, so you can blend in a little. You won’t even be the only person who crashes dismounting for the barriers.

Okay, I lied, one more thing: Everyone’s been there before. Everyone has a first race. And everyone has wanted to puke somewhere on a race course. The first race is a rite of passage not to be missed. Go forth and feel the post-race joy of passage!

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