Stuff goin’ awhn

From "Australis." Courtesy Granite Films

There’s some good stuff going on tonight. Or, if you want to say it in bro-speak, there’s stuff goin’ awhn, UH:

Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey: Tis the season for ski flicks, and this one (at the Boulder Theater) looks cool. It’s about a journey to ski in Antarctica, rather than your standard Warren Miller (0r WM wannabe) ski porn.

Not that there’s anything wrong with ski porn.

Ultimately, anything with penguins in it gets two thumbs up, even if Morgan Freeman isn’t narrating, right?

Next, Bent Gate Mountaineering (in Golden) is hosting their ski season kick-off party tonight. They’re premiering a tele movie, mini ski expo and more.

Finally, as always, there’s a Thursday slideshow at Neptune. Tonight’s is highlights from 25 years of climbing desert towers.

Mmm, desert climbing…

Excuse me, I got a little excited there.

Anyway, go get some.

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