300 months of skiing and counting

Mike Scherer, of Louisville, bootpacking up Mount Neva, west of Boulder. Photo by Scott Ludlow.

You think you ski a lot?

You probably do. But Mike Scherer has skied at least once a month for 300 months in a row.

I’ll help you with the math — that’s 25 years of skiing every month! Read about it here.

By the way, I didn’t include this in the story, but I think Mike has the key to long-term outdoor bliss all figured out. He never complains, said his friend Dougald MacDonald. He just goes skiing every month, in whatever the best conditions are that month. Mike called his 300th-month ski at Saint Mary’s Glacier “laughable” since the conditions were so poor, but he did it anyway.

I could certainly learn something from someone who loves it all, thick and thin. That’s some serious PMA (positive mental attitude).

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