Why bouldering is better

If you’re on the fence about bouldering, read this.

Okay, I know, I really glamorized the sport. But to check out the real deal, go to The Spot tonight. You can climb, eat, drink and be merry with the DJ (a pro climber, of course) for free during the Welcome Back Bash.

By the way, I consulted my Twitter followers yesterday for this bouldering treatise. I asked them why bouldering is better. Here’s what they had to say:

@tiffanymroyal: way more chill. don’t have to get up as early. shorter. more thrilling. better support. get to buy more climbing shoes.

@redheadwriting: ‘Cause gear costs money and I’m a dirtbag, yo. I can totally use my air mattress I use for couch surfing as a crash pad! #snark

@k8tlevy: the dudes are more muscular (i.e. hotter). instant gratification with short problems. can do it on your own. #love #bouldering

@eliz_castro: Agree with @k8tlevy on why bouldering is better. Esp her first point (giggle)

@blueskyeyes207: Meh. I like trad climbers more. Better at committing. 😛

@bigcitymtneers: Bouldering improves your self esteem since you get to be the butt of the all the sport and trad climbers jokes.

@calebsimpson: because it’s NOT. 😉

@lizzy_t: bouldering is the best way (for other people) to climb because then there are more cracks free for me!

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