Lost at the crag

I was getting ready to blog a bit about my weekend and thus asked the hub, working from home, to retrieve a few photos from our camera for me.

The camera is nowhere to be found. We think we left it at the crag yesterday. I’m pretty sure it’s either at the bottom of the hardest 5.8 ever or the reasonably good 11 with a glued hold.

What has two thumbs and will be driving up to Lily Lake after work for a hike? This gal. I just hope that neither chipmunk nor human has R-U-N-N-O-F-T with it.

And a note to whomever is enjoying the rope bag we left at Red Rocks last year: I hope you like it, and I’m waiting for that karma to come back around. If I find my camera tonight, I’ll consider the karma repaid.

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