Zen of sport

Have aggro squirrels scared off the Lesser Flatiron Gerbil?!? Oh noes...

Field Notes took a holiday on Monday. It was rad. I did more climbing on gerbil teeth, and I was bitten by a dog at a crag for the first time.

I love crag kitty even more now.

With all the excitement, I’m behind on posting yesterday’s column on the partial Zen of sport.

For the full Zen, you have to embrace the thrutching. And gerbil teeth. I think I’ve accepted gerbil teeth. I’m still working on embracing the thrutching. And squirrels that break into people’s backpacks.

Squirrels! *shakes fist* At least they don’t leave their sharp little teeth on climbs like the gerbils.

Sigh. I have to remember — it’s all just Zen.

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