Black Hawk ban should go down

If you haven’t already heard about the Black Hawk bike ban, then prepare yourself for a cycling shocker before you read this.

I’ve never ridden my bike through the town of Black Hawk, Colo. I probably never will, even if the ban is lifted. But the very idea of a town banning bicycles from most of its streets grates on me.

So I wrote something about it.

If you want more info on the legal side of this case, check out Bob Mionske’s recent Road Rights blog on the topic for Bicycling Magazine.

In the meantime, though, here’s the latest from Bicycle Colorado on the Tuesday rally:

Rally to End Bike Bans- June 29th 5:30 PM
West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building
DENVER – Bicycle Colorado has invited bicyclists from around the state to rally at the
Capitol Building to promote access by bicyclists to all public roadways in Colorado.
WHO: Bicyclists and bicycling supporters from across Colorado. Attendees will be
addressed by State Senators Greg Brophy and Chris Romer, two of the most outspoken
bicyclists in the legislature.
WHAT: Rally to End Bike Bans
WHERE: West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building
WHEN: Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Bicyclists will begin to gather at approximately 5:00 PM and will be addressed by Bicycle
Colorado’s Executive Director Dan Grunig, Senator Brophy, and Senator Romer at 5:30
WHY: In the wake of the City of Black Hawk’s bike ban, bicyclists from around the
world have cried foul. The closure of Gregory Street in downtown Black Hawk severs
a popular cycling route as well as a nationally designated cycling route connecting
National Parks.
The decision of Black Hawk’s Board of Alderman to prohibit bicycling as a “safety
precaution” rather than create a truly safe roadway for all users sets a bad precedent for
roadway management in Colorado.
Bicycle Colorado believes that bicyclists should have equal access to Colorado’s public

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