Climbing together, even when you shouldn’t

Ever since I wrote about tearing photos of our climbing avatars out of Climbing magazine and posting them on our refrigerator, people have been asking: Did you really do that?

Of course I did. I’m a journalist, not a novelist. I don’t make things up.

So now you have the photo proof, left. That’s the Fields family fridge. I have made one addition since I wrote the story — I added “+ snacks” to my avatar below my name (when I was hungry) and “suffering” to my husband’s.

I like snacks.

Truth is always stranger than fiction. And more entertaining.

And speaking of entertaining, Mark Smiley caught wind of my column and dropped me a line. He and Janelle are committed to their 50 Classic Climbs project, but he confessed that like me, Janelle likes climbing in a tank top, and like my husband, he likes alpine sufferfests.

I’m starting to think we girls are just a little smarter than the boys.

You can follow the Smileys on their project here. Their video of climbing the Diamond that inspired my husband is here.

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  1. I'm with you Jenn. I like climbing when it's warm!

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