Crag kitty

After much ado about dogs at crags last week, I had a new pet experience while climbing this weekend: crag kitty.

My pal Piper and I spotted a cat at the campground at Rifle Saturday morning as we nursed our coffees — no biggie. But we were surprised when the same kitty showed up at the crag as we flaked the rope.

Asia, the crag kitty, is a Bengal that her owner David takes on climbing trips. Crag kitty stays near David. She doesn’t mind a leash. She crosses creeks to get to crags. And if it’s cold and raining — like it was this weekend — she’ll approach you slowly then politely paw your leg before stepping up into your lap to stay warm.

Crag kitty rocked.

Right after crag kitty left, some climbers with a dog walked into the area. Crag dog dug obsessively under a nearby stump and sprayed dirt and mud everywhere.

We left and followed crag kitty to the next route.

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  1. Jason Halladay says:

    Crag Kitty is awesome! I'd much rather see Asia than a dirt-digging dog at the crag. Thanks for the photos and story.

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