Organic doughnuts (no kidding)

Taylor's Tinys are a big hit at the Longmont Farmers' Market on July 26, 2008. Photo: Cliff Grassmick

It finally happened: Someone told me how to get an organic doughnut in Boulder.

You might remember that I conducted a Great Doughnut Experiment this spring. The challenge was to see whether a doughnut could fuel a day of climbing in Eldorado Canyon.

The GDE was a fail.

But my greatest hope with this story was that by putting it out there to the world that I couldn’t find a doughnut in Boulder (anywhere other than a grocery store), someone would call or write or send mystic woo-woo doughnut vibes across the Boulder Creek and tell me how to get a local, organic (free range?!? fingers crossed!) doughnut in this town.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Taylor Replane of Taylor’s Tinys all-natural doughnuts. Taylor fries his tiny organic doughnuts at the Boulder Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and the Longmont market on Saturdays.

I guarantee you I will be eating one of these this week. Probably more — they’re tiny. And I dare you healthy Boulderites to do the same.

(Do you think he has sprinkles?!?)

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