Only-in-Boulder moments: Mistaken Subarus at Sanitas

Lauren Ferber, center, and Ben Weible take Sammy the dog out for a hike at Mt. Sanitas in Boulder. (Sammy Dallal / Daily Camera)

Last night’s Only-in-Boulder moment is brought to you by my evening run at Mount Sanitas.

I parked at the trailhead and was fiddling with my Shuffle when I thought twice about carrying my heavy car keys in my pocket. So I walked back to my silver Subaru and slid my keys into a shelf under the car.

After a lovely evening run (Sanitas is so green and growy right now!), I stooped down to fish the keys back out and couldn’t find them. Where were they? I took a step back to see if they’d fallen out and were sitting under the car. Nope. I felt blindly again.

No keys.

Huh. Did they fall to the ground and someone at the busy trailhead picked them up and put them in my car? I checked. Nope. Crap, where are my keys? I stepped back and evaluated my options, because my phone was locked in the car. And as I backed up, I noticed that I was parked next to another silver Suby with a ski rack.

No way, I thought. No way I put my keys under the wrong Subaru.

I slid my hand under the other Subaru and immediately grasped my keys.


For once, I was lucky I only went for a short run — or shorter than the owners of the other Subaru, anyway.

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