Field Notes: Change of Plans

The Eiger is up there somewhere.

Sometimes a volcano explodes all over your carefully-planned vacay. And sometimes, you get really freaking lucky and get all you wanted and more out of your travels.

This week’s Field Notes is about the ups and downs of travel, and how I got totally lucky when I went to see the Eiger.

(If you don’t know what the Eiger is, start with The Eiger Sanction, then move on to Eiger Dreams, The White Spider — oh who am I kidding, Clint Eastwood?!? You can’t go wrong!)

And in other news, if you can believe it, I didn’t drop the F-bomb in my column this week — my co-worker Whitney did. When I drop an F-bomb, that just means that it’s Monday. Or Tuesday. Or 7:44 a.m. When the nice girl from Oklahoma does it, something big is going down. I hope she liked my column, but I dunno, I’m a little scrrd…

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