Weekend primer

Whoa, I’m behind on posts! Well, let’s play some catch-up now, because there’s stuff to do this weekend.

First off, the Corn Harvest is tomorrow at Loveland. It might be more of a powder harvest due to the storm hitting the mountains right now, but nonetheless, it’s a big benefit for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, which we all rely on for safe play, so buck up. Also, I used the Corn Harvest as an excuse to talk about corn-snow skiing today, and I suspect I couldn’t have timed it worse (again, storm, pow). But we’ll have corn snow again some day soon.

If you’re not planning to ski this weekend, you’ll probably get skunked on your other outdoor sports — at least on Saturday. So you might as well go to the opening day of the new bike exhibit at the Longmont Museum. I geeked-out to a preview as the curators were setting it up earlier this week. Gigity.

And don’t forget — every day is Earth Day. So yes, the actual day was yesterday, but if you missed it, check out my five green offenses to avoid this Earth Day. It’s just for you lovely outdoorsy types.

That includes you, punk.

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