The Bad Crowd

Cheryl Wallace's foot, after a nasty fall climbing in Eldo. Photo by Kate Higgins.

Are you running with the bad crowd?

Today’s Field Notes is a slice of the injured side of the outdoor life in Boulder. Broken? Whatevs, you can keep going, change things up a little, there’s no need to rest.

We’re the bad-at-resting crowd.

Katy’s story (running and climbing for weeks on a fractured foot) is totally Boulder, and I’ve definitely had my own bad-crowd moments: I’ve been ice and rock climbing through the only shoulder injury you’ve never heard of all winter and spring, and since it’s not going away, I’ll just keep going. (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. WTF?!?)

But we’re not the only ones. As I was writing this, and after the fact, my Boulderite friends started chiming in with more bad-crowd stories. Cheryl (whose foot is pictured at left) did upper-body workouts at the Alpine Training Center while waiting for her foot to heal. Piper crutched out to the pool at RallySport to swim with a broken ankle. Chris rode his bike to knee surgery.

I think that takes the cake.

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