Fundraiser for injured mountain biker tonight

I first read about this accident on, and I was struck by the same sentiment author Kris shared — this really could happen to any of us:

“This is a story of a local cyclist, Kirk Williams, who was just having a good day at Hall and the next minute his neck is broken. Kirk, I’m sorry this happened to you and I know (in the back of my mind) that every time I throw my leg over the saddle that Kirk could be Kris.”

Williams’ full story here.

Williams has big-time medical expenses now. But you can help by simply showing up at Hapa Sushi tonight at 7 to eat sushi, drink beer and buy a raffle ticket or 10.  Full Cycle has donated raffle items, and heads-up, we’re not talking about a pair of cycling socks or two — they’ll have some high-dollar items, including bikes.

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